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All about the running game Draft

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1.25 S Nubin
Control the middle of the field

2.41 DL Robinson
A HUGE edge rusher that mostly played DT until this last year, where he played Edge and did great and seriously controlled the edge stopping the run. And can pass rush from DT on 3rd down.

2.57 RB Brook
Arguably the best RB in the draft, but can he stay healthy as a featured RB? After being injured in his only shot at it.

3.88 NT Sweat
Huge athletic NT with some maturity questions, probably gone before this pick, but should be some other good run stoppers too available.

4.104 CB Hart
Rumor has it, out new defensive coordinator likes press man and Hart fits that extremely well and good coverage in both zone and man though not great in either, but a good fit for the rumored scheme.

4.126 RB Robinson
Not sure he falls this far, but big physical RB that at times is absolutely amazing at breaking tackles.

5.136 RG Zinter
If we lose our starting RG from Michigan, why not grab Michigan:s starting RG?

5.168 OT Rosengarten
OT specialist, very athletic, but little to no power. Two years starting at RT, but I might move him to backup LT based on the next pick.

6.203 RT Wallace
Three year starter at RT, probably have him backup the right side, both RG and RT.

6.216 CB Dial
Lots of snaps in multiple years, but only the last year graded out well, but he was pretty good and well rounded in that year.

7.243 S Oladapo
Long strider, with ton of length, should be able to battle possession receivers and TEs but quickness will kill him. Did very well against the run, but his change of direction looks awkward and not smooth at all.

7.251 LB Watson
A number of LBers to choose from, I guessed Gute would go with size, other smaller LBers would be better in coverage, but Watson played in the SEC and has better size and physical tackling.

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No DBs in the 1st
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Darn, S Nubin keep being selected by the Eagles before the Packers pick now.

1.25 IOL Barton
Day 1 Starting OG: Went from C to three year starter at LT, in theory could play all 5 spots, but due to shorter arms and maybe not the elite athleticism, many are projecting him back inside. I've seen some good comparisons to Peter Skoronski whom was drafted #11 overall to be placed at LG for the Titans. But I'm theory, Barton can play all 5 OL spots, but I believe inside he could dominate.

2.43 S Bullard
Pack go back to Georgia, an athletic Safety, that has the ability and instincts to play FS or slot, and has a better tackling percentage than most other Safeties. He's not small, but on the smaller side, which long term some concerns with holding up, but that's more when he gets towards 30, which he's not even 21.5 yet.

2.57 DT Jenkins
I think the Packers need a run stuffer and that's what Jenkins has excelled at, I think he can become a very good NT. His Dad was an all pro DT, and his uncle was Packers DL Cullen Jenkins.

3.88 LT Paul
6'7", 333lbs, a finesse developmental LT with elite pass blocking potential. This is a bit of a gamble, as he needs some development (which means some bust risk if he doesn't develop) but elite pass blocking potential if you can develop him.

3.91 RB Davis
I think I might select RBs Benson and Estime before Davis, just generally going with PFF draft board for the grade. Davis is similar to Jones, but that he's (ever so slightly) shorter and got 15 or so more pounds than Jones. Davis is not quite as quick as Jones, but closer than you would expect with his weight.

4.126 Boyd
6'2", 320lb, Boyd dominated smaller schools, but they didn't think he would against the bigger schools. But he got to the East-West Shine game and dominated them too, which said people said he upped his draft stock more than anyone else. Explosive powerful punches and kept beating guys in pass rush.

5.168 IOL Sundell
Longtime starter at Center which to LT for his final season, on a team that runs the ball more than they pass it, but he had great pass protection at his smaller level. Probably best to move him back inside in the pros. But this keeps giving the Packers great OL flexibility, as now Myers, Jenkins, Tom, Barton and Sundell all have played Center in college, and have the size to play OG in the pros.

6.194 Edge Jackson
6'4" 265lb, relentless energy/mother but average athlete/doesn't have pass rush moves, but he has power, toughness and will. He clearly loves the game and trying to be as physical as possible, some even speculate if he could be a DT on passing downs, because they trust him to be tough against the run.

6.203 Slot Brown (so CB like Nixon)
Transfered from Northern Iowa (so former teammates with Boyd above). Brown started at outside CB for Northern Iowa, but moved to the nickel and dime roles for Nebraska, which is where I have him for the Packers. As most of them are small, and Gute doesn't like small, so Brown is a 6', 200lb slot DB. Brown has NOT played much traditional Safety at all.

6.216 CB Dial
Multiple years starting though only the last year was good, but he did very well in man coverage and run defense, but not so much in zone coverage where he still struggled.

7.233 SS Taylor
6' 215lb, tackling machine often in the box, doesn't have the range for solo FS, but sure good recognition and quickness and sure finds a way to get a guy down quickly, some of which remind you of Woodson tackling at Safety/nickel, it's not textbook but it's darn effective them. Should be a star on STs.

7.243 LB Gant
Was at Ohio State before, during and after Hafley was there, but transfered when he lost out to the starting role, and he went to Toledo and played great as a starter there. 230lbs so lighter than Packers normal, but it is moving to the 4-3. Gant should be very good on STs.

7.251 S Oladapo
Used in all ways as a Safety, long legged, change of direction looks awkward, quick slot WRs could break his ankles, but in linear motions, looks great, should be able to stay with possession WRs and TEs.

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This is my "shoring up the safey position" draft

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 42
2024: Round 5, Pick 156
2024: Round 6, Pick 179
2025: Round 4
Minnesota Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 41

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 49
2024: Round 3, Pick 80
2024: Round 5, Pick 148
2024: Round 5, Pick 175
2025: Round 7
Cincinnati Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 42

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 52
2024: Round 5, Pick 153
2024: Round 5, Pick 177
2024: Round 6, Pick 191
2025: Round 3
Los Angeles Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 49

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 3, Pick 84
Pittsburgh Receives:
2024: Round 3, Pick 88
2024: Round 5, Pick 177

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 105
Arizona Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 127
2024: Round 5, Pick 168
2024: Round 5, Pick 175

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 107
2024: Round 5, Pick 145
2025: Round 6
Tennessee Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 105

025 Amarius Mims OT | Georgia
052 Tyler Nubin S | Minnesota TRADE
058 Javon Bullard S | Georgia
080 Junior Colson LB | Michigan TRADE
084 Braden Fiske DL | Florida State TRADE
091 Calen Bullock S | USC
107 Kiran Amegadjie OT | Yale TRADE
145 Mekhi Wingo DL | LSU TRADE
148 Gabriel Murphy EDGE | UCLA TRADE
153 MarShawn Lloyd RB | USC TRADE
156 Jaylan Ford LB | Texas TRADE
179 Gabe Hal DL | Baylor TRADE
191 Andru Phillips CB | Kentucky TRADE
204 Jarrian Jones CB | Florida State
216 Kingsley Eguakun IOL | Florida
243 Ethan Driskell OT | Marshall
251 Sam Hartman QB | Notre Dame

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This is why there are gun control laws and stuff, lol.This was the mass proliferation mock.
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Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 43
2024: Round 3, Pick 74
2024: Round 4, Pick 110
Atlanta Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 41

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 5, Pick 137
2024: Round 6, Pick 188
Arizona Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 127

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 5, Pick 160
Philadelphia Receives:
2024: Round 5, Pick 168
2024: Round 7, Pick 243

025 Jer'Zhan Newton DL | Illinois
043 T'Vondre Sweat DL | Texas TRADE
058 Tyler Nubin S | Minnesota
074 Junior Colson LB | Michigan TRADE
088 Javon Bullard S | Georgia
091 Calen Bullock S | USC
110 Braelon Allen RB | Wisconsin TRADE
137 Austin Booker EDGE | Kansas TRADE
160 Roger Rosengarten OT | Washington TRADE
188 Julian Pearl OT | Illinois TRADE
204 Dwight McGlothern CB | Arkansas
216 Andrew RaymI OL | Oklahoma
251 Myles Cole EDGE | Texas Tech
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Targeting players I hope Gute will draft . The players in Cyan , are those players, only had to make 2 trades to move into position to get targeted players. The rest were BPA

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 49
2024: Round 3, Pick 80
Cincinnati Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 58
2024: Round 4, Pick 127
2025: Round 3

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 5, Pick 149
2024: Round 5, Pick 174
2025: Round 3
New Orleans Receives
2024: Round 3, Pick 88

025 Troy Fautanu OT | Washington
041 Tyler Nubin S | Minnesota
049 T'Vondre Sweat DL | TRADE
080 Max Melton CB | Rutgers TRADE
091 Braelon Allen RB | Wisconsin
149 Beau Brade S | Maryland TRADE
168 Tanor Bortolini IOL | Wisconsin
174 Johnny Dixon CB | Penn State TRADE
204 Frank Gore Jr. RB | Southern Miss
216 Nathaniel Watson LB | Mississippi State State
243 Andrew Coker OT | TCU
251 Jaylen Harrell EDGE | Michigan

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DB heavy mock draft
 pff_mock_results - 2024-03-04T094046.621.png You have insufficient rights to see the content.

1.25 S Nubin
The most instinctive Safety that makes the least mistakes in this draft. May not have elite range to play cover 1 at FS, but can be used in every other way. His best spot might be SS.

I'd draft Nubin here either way, but I'm putting more value into SS role more than most years as Hafley talked about the importance in value of a Safety to come up and quickly make that tackle. And if that's an extra important piece for his scheme, then we need a good SS. Nubin is one of the extremely few Safeties in this draft with a missed tackle rate of under 10%.

2.47 FS Bullard
Bullard has the athletic range to play Cover 1 at FS and he has started at both Nickel and FS the last two years. Probably putting him at FS. Bullard's missed tackle percentage was under 11%. Also Gute said he wanted the two Safeties and slot CB to be interchangeable, in that case Bullard is probably being looked at hard.

2.57 RB Brooks
Possibly the best RB in this draft class, but he was buried on the depth chart until this year (he had the 2023 8th overall pick and a big physical RB in front of him). The big concern is that in his one year of playing time, he got an ACL injury. So it's a boom or bust selection, but with Jones we have seen how a stud RB can open up this offense.

3.88 CB Jones
Jones was at outside CB, before switching to the slot in 2024, and played amazingly well there, especially in man coverage. Jones also had the highest RAS (size/athletic) score of CBs at the combine, in part running a sub 4.4. If Packers are running a lot more man coverage, then Jones could be considered.

3.91 RG Mahogany
Gute has twice before drafted an OG from a college we just added a coach from (Jenkins, Rhyan). Mahogany had a GREAT 2021, ACL took his 2022 season, and he had a good 2023 and posted a very good pass blocking grade while playing at RG. Of course, all of Gute's OL draft picks have been between 6'4" and 6'6" and Mahogany isn't.

Mahogany is not short for the NFL standard, but he is for Gute's, but maybe hearing from his former head coach will make Gute look the other way on that. Also very few of the college OGs fit Gute's standards, they most likely will have to grab a college OT to keep that standard up this year.

4.108 RB Benson
PFF considers this a major reach, but honestly he might be gone a round higher than this. 6', 215lb, sub 4.4 speed, great acceleration, explosiveness, broke a ton of tackles in 2022. So why is PFF so down on him?

Because he's over reliant on his athletic traits, and his physical athleticism to get him out of trouble more so than playing smart. He rather try to outrun a guy going east/west instead of simply using vision and finding a cutback go north/south. Physically he's got all the tools, but what about mentally, instinctively and can he be coached to play smarter?

4.126 DT Boyd
6'2", 320lb, Packers have loved pass rushers with powerful hands to make an impact and that's Boyd's calling card. Boyd dominated lower levels, but they didn't think he could do it against the bigger schools. He proved them wrong at the East-West Shrine Practices, larger school players couldn't hold him back either. He's power to make an impact and Packers need some more power in the middle. I don't think people really have a good feel for where he could go. Some team could love him and take him on Day 2 (2nd and 3rd round) or he could fall further if NFL teams fall unsure about his level of competition.

5.168 IOL Sundell
6'4½" 300lb, 3 year starter at Center which is primarily where I'm thinking about starting him. But his final year he started at LT for his heavy run team.

6.203 OG Bortolini
RAS scores aren't necessary important for linemen, that being said of the 1434 OGs from 1987 to 2024, Bortolini would of placed 6th in RAS score. What hurt him the most was his size of only being 6'4" 303lbs. But of the athletic testing numbers, his worst event would be the board jump where he scored just 9.57 out of 10. (Still elite).

As far as on the field, Bortolini has consistently been moved around every season, going from RT, LG and finally C. While he can play Center, I'm not sure it's natural for him, and I think he'll be an OG and only a Center for emergencies. He doesn't have true power, but a lot of technics and stuff are very good, he should be pretty good in the zone blocking and pass blocking, but will struggle in man blocking.

6.216 CB Dial
A man coverage CB that's more athletic than most, and very physical with WRs, including beating their block attempts. That being said, he falls this far because he doesn't play very smart, plays the WR, not the ball, and while he's good at being physical to beat the WR block, he's not exactly in a hurry to continue the physicality and get to and make the tackle on the RB. Plus only one really good year. Athletic potential if you can smarten him up which Hafley's former players have said he does a great job of teaching and helping you figure out what limited options the offense might be trying to run out of their look.

7.243 RT/OG Ezirim
6'6" 330lb, former DT turned RT, started for two years, and the first year was BAD, the second year was ALMOST GREAT! Normally you don't see that much improvement that freaking fast. Which suggest he's taking this serious and might have the mental ability to keep improving a lot. He clearly has the physical tools, BUT he's also still extremely new and needs a lot of practice refs. Probably a 3 or 4 year developmental player, but he's physical tools are there, and if he continues to be a fast improver, he could become a starter someday. For the price of a 7th, it's worth the risk of a potential bust.

7.251 LB Magee
He's only about 230lbs, but I'm seeing this selection like Packers picking SS Carpenter to play ILB, mainly STs and backup. EXTREMELY aggressive in fast to pull the trigger to come down and hit, which will get him in trouble at times, but he makes more plays with it than he gives up. But supposedly he gives up his run fit to go make a play and that works because he's a play maker at his current level, but if he can't make the play at the NFL level, then that potential could make more mistakes than it helps. But he's said to be extremely high character and extremely on field smart, so maybe he'll learn to be less aggressive.
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My Final Mock Draft......over/under # of players Gute actually drafts from this list?

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 1, Pick 30
2024: Round 2, Pick 62
2024: Round 4, Pick 134
2024: Round 7, Pick 226
2025: Round 6
Baltimore Receives:
2024: Round 1, Pick 25

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 2, Pick 42
Minnesota Receives:
2024: Round 3, Pick 88
2025: Round 2

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 121
Pittsburgh Receives:
2024: Round 4, Pick 127
2024: Round 6, Pick 216

Green Bay Receives:
2024: Round 7, Pick 220
Washington Receives:
2024: Round 7, Pick 243
2024: Round 7, Pick 251

030 Tyler Guyton OT | Oklahoma TRADE
041 Tyler Nubin S | Minnesota
042 T'Vondre Sweat DL | Texas TRADE
058 Max Melton CB | Rutgers
062 Javon Bullard S | Georgia TRADE
091 Braelon Allen RB | Wisconsin
121Tanor Bortolini IOL | Wisconsin TRADE
134 Javon Solomon EDGE | Troy TRADE
168 Luke McCaffrey WR | Rice
204 Frank Gore Jr. RB | Southern Miss ss
220 Garret Greenfield OT | South Dakota State TRADE
226 Nathaniel Watson LB | Mississippi State TRADE


005 Marvin Harrison Jr. WR | Ohio State TRADE
041 Michael Hall Jr. DL | Ohio State
056 Cade Stover TE | Ohio State TRADE
094 Tommy Eichenberg LB | Ohio State TRADE
123 Josh Proctor S | Ohio State TRADE
125 Miyan Williams RB | Ohio State
139 Steele Chambers LB | Ohio State TRADE
219 Matthew Jones IOL | Ohio State

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Surely this would be an interesting draft

 Screenshot_20240309-172911.png You have insufficient rights to see the content.

#25 TE Bowers
No we don't need another TE, but Bowers is too good to pass up, and rumors have had it for years LaFleur likes two TE system like the 49ers have run, but we never had the TEs for it. Best TE group in the NFL and a study has suggested that Super Bowl winning teams often have a star TE.

#41 S Nubin
Best Safety in this draft class. Maybe not the most athletic, but best instincts, best tackling, least mistakes, large size, can play any Safety role, except maybe cover one FS.

#43 OL Barton
Started at Center before three years at LT. Most think he'll be back inside in the NFL and play all interior OL positions at an extremely high level with power to move people.

#88 RB Brooks
On one hand, because of Texas GREAT RB depth, Brooks only played one year that ended with an ACL injury. On the other, he looked like he could be the best RB in this draft and reminded people of Chiefs all Pro RB Jamaal Charles.

#130 CB Phillips
Valentine's college teammate. Plays the run like he's a Safety, quick/loose lower body allowing him to change direction with ease. BUT man coverage guy, as mentally he seems to struggle a bit with zone, but Packers New Defensive Coordinator is supposed to help DBs mentally and Phillips could get more man coverage if he switches to the slot role, which he has the physical traits for and Packers didn't want Alexander there due to the run fits, bht again, Phillips plays the run like a Safety.

#168 RB Davis
He's (slightly) shorter but heavier than Aaron Jones, so more compact and almost (not quite) as quick. So far Gute hasn't drafted a RB less than 210lb, so Davis might be as close to Aaron Jones like that Gute would draft. Davis needs to be a bit more decisive and just hit the hole. Davis has been in an NFL style Wide Zone system that came from the Rams and has been used a good bit in the passing game as a receiver.

#201 CB Pritchett
Extremely long and thin CB whom was made for press coverage and using his length to his advantage. Like more long DBs his transitions are a bit awkward/clunky/NOT-smooth which hurts his quickness. But in straight line speed he ran a 4.36 in the 40, so he has some catch-up speed after the clunky transition, but his game is all about his length and sticking with his guy. Don't expect much from him against the run, he doesn't seem overly interested in beating blocks or stopping it. So if he falls like this, it's because he's pigeonholed himself to be an outside press coverage only CB and bad against the run.

#206 Slot Smith
Tykee Smith is an interesting tweener, at 5'9¾" he's lacking NFL length, but he's over 200lbs and can fly around like a Safety and he plays the run like he's a LBer. Due to lack of length, Smith will probably be limited to STs, slot and dime roles. But he might be absolutely loved for the physicalness and speed he flies around at.

#219 DT Boyd
I predict Boyd is actually going in the middle rounds as no one has seemed to be able to stop his power and quickness yet. But I just grabbed him as I do want another DT.

#245 LB? Jalyx Hunt
I probably should of kept it simple and selected LB Miss State's LB Nathaniel Watson whom is the old school LB that does great with the ball in front of him, but struggles in coverage but I learned about Hunt and thought he could keep switching positions.

Hunt was a WR/CB in high/school, and in college become a Safeties and then more school transfered he became an athletic 6'4" 250lb DE.

While he is athletic enough to pass rush in the NFL, the problem is lack of power, he's going to get crushed in run defense. So I think he'll have to once again transition to a new position, this time as a LB. I have no clue how he is in coverage, but as a former Safety, I figured it might be better than an old school LB like Watson talked about at the start of this pick.

If nothing else, he should be a ST stud.

#255 LT Rouse
Longtime starter that maybe lack the elite traits and quickness, but he's just extremely steady and plays extremely smart staying with his guy a lot longer than you would think best on traits alone, getting the maximum of what he does have. And while this seems like an odd selection, the Packers current LT was selected with pick #249. That's not to say Rouse will turn out the same, but maybe Rouse can turn into a fairly good backup at the very least.
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After signing some FAs mock.

Projecting Packers sign LB Bobby Wagner for this mock. Packers said they wanted to get younger and Wagner is NOT that... But Wagner is elite against the run and tackling, which the Packers could use that, and I really don't see many great options in FA or the draft. So signing Wagner to a 2 year deal.

 pff_mock_results - 2024-03-13T142100.043.png You have insufficient rights to see the content.

1.25 S Nubin
Yes the Packers signed Xavier McKinney but there are two deep Safeties spots, and Nubin seems like he'd be a great fit. Also Gute usually goes defensive play maker in round 1.

2.41 CB Tampa
Surprising fluidity for a CB his size/length, he has the length to play press while still fluid enough to play all coverage types in a larger/longer frame body. Usually Gute goes offense in rounds 2 and 3, but defense needs more help.

2.58 OT Amegadjie
Projecting small schools guys can be tough, but based on scouting reports seems to suggest he has all the uncoachable skills, including the rare combo of high athletic traits and great length. What he needs to work on, is hand placement, reloading the hands (not over relying on just the length) and footwork. But in theory, those are coachable. Amegadjie is a developmental OL, with all the physical potential in the world, but he'll need time to develop.

3.88 RB Wright
Explosive straight line runner, if you give him a ho he can burst through it and make people.start chasing. Versatility as he has been used as a pass catcher and one of the better college pass blocking RBs. Has done well in both zone and power blocking, but limit cuts is preferred for him.

3.91 RG Mahogany
⅝ shorter than Gute seeming 6'4" OL height minimum, but maybe knowing some of the new Packers coaches will help him with that. Big and powerful, old school OG. Not the most athletic, and not nessarily the best for zone blocking, but neither is the Raiders RB that we just paid huge amount too, so looks like the Packers are going more power based running anyways.

4.128 DT Boyd
Dominant player at a smaller school, they said he would struggle against bigger school players. Faced the bigger school players at the East-West Shrine game and he dominated them too.

Boyd game is all about power and quickness, he's really got some power im those games jolting them, and while they're stunned uses quickness in a 6'2" 320lb body and gets the advantage.

5.169 RB Tracy
Spent most of his career as a Iowa WR (4 years), before transferring and becoming a RB at Purdue. Only one year as a fulltime RB, but he looked shockingly natural waving in and out of the OL blocks with ease. Natural pass catcher as a former RB. 5'11" 210lb. With his running style, it looks like he's running slow... because his legs just don't seem to move as much, but his body is going the same speed keeping away from the defense, but just almost looks like an an illusion.

6.202 IOL Bortolini
Bortolini played RT, LG and C, with his best spot seemingly being LG. But he had elite athletic testing for an OG at the combine (of course that testing probably means less for interior linemen) but his pass protection grades were very high in college.

6.204 CB/S Brown
Brown was starting outside CB at Northern Iowa with Boyd whom was selected above, but Brown transfered to Nebraska. Was backup for a year and then got to be the starting slot CB. Brown is 6' 200lb, so not small like most slot CBs making it more likely Gute might actually draft him.

7.245 SS Oladapo
Packers recently added Oregon States CB coach to their coaching roster, so they might have some inside knowledge on Oladapo. Seems like a jack of all trades, but King of none. Really long legs make for some awkward transitions. Oladapo does great in a straight line, but add a ton of change of directions and it can really slow him down. Big Safety, 6'2" 215lb. Some love him and think he'll go fairly early in the draft, most mock draft sites have him late.

7.248 LB Magee
Undersized LB whom is extremely aggressive which allows him to play bigger than his size. Versatile LB in college but going to have to be kept clean in the NFL, as he's not likely to be able to hold up in a battle with NFL OL.

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Mucky Tundra (18-Apr) : I am very happy that for moment, Jordan Love seems like a normal human being
Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : Belichick * whatever
Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : "There's a lot of depth at Offensive Tackle and Wide Receiver." Bill Bellichick
Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : Thanks! I can't believe it's over haha
Martha Careful (16-Apr) : Congratulations
Zero2Cool (16-Apr) : Boom. Student Loan. $0.00. Only took about 20 years.
Zero2Cool (14-Apr) : Packers DT Kenny Clark: New defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley will 'allow us to be way more disruptive'
Zero2Cool (12-Apr) : Saints have agreed to terms on a contract with former Packers wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown.
beast (12-Apr) : No, but of it's for legislation, then half of the country will find it evil, not good, whatever it says....
Mucky Tundra (12-Apr) : Draft is still 2 weeks away. UGH
dhazer (11-Apr) : Does anyone know of a good AI generator to create letters of Support for legislation?
Zero2Cool (11-Apr) : Gordon "Red" Batty retires as equipment manager
Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Sounds like that's pretty certain now.
Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Packers "at" Eagles in Brazil. Week One
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