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I hope so....what are his contract terms?

Originally Posted by: Martha Careful 

We don't know yet. Every dime over a league minimum non-guaranteed contract you are going to hear about it in a not nice way from this fan.
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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!! Oh my....this is really awful..

As Dillard illustrates, I content that RAS is overrated. "Ready, set, go, the do a pre-assigned task" is not football. Ready-set-react then do something predicated on what has happened is a much better measure. The body cannot quickly when the brain reacts slowly.

Originally Posted by: Martha Careful 

RAS just tells you how high your athletic potential is, and while the Packers seem to use something similar to it, that's for the more athletic positions, the Packers results clearly show they rely on it less for linemen and the more contact positions (even most of Gute's early TEs had a much lower RAS score, which confused me as they clearly weren't blockers either).

Also I think the bigger lesson is don't draft OL high in the draft that are from Air Raid offenses, the Air Raid offenses notoriously don't teach the OL NFL techniques... they have 3 run calls (left, straight, right) and their pass blocking is to back up and die slowly, giving zero changes of winning, it's just that you aren't allowing the defender to win either, and you're taking that tie every pass blocking snap.

And some of those plays, it simple looks like Dillard doesn't know the snap count, or simply is not running the same blocking call as his LG, and they have zero chance with not being on the same mental page.

As far as his contract, the only detail I've seen so far, is someone supposedly quoting Gute, saying it's a one year deal.

Mucky Tundra
a month ago

I think folks are really over reacting to this signing. It's one of 90, not one of 53 on a 3 year guaranteed contract.

This is nothing more than a body. It's something the Packers have done routinely.

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

I thought the same thing as well when I saw the initial reaction online. "Oh he's just a camp body, he's low risk/high reward, they liked him before the 2019 draft" etc. I thought the same even as I read beasts first post in this thread...and then I watched the video in the embedded tweet.
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I am hoping that they signed him to a Veteran Salary Benefit contract (VSB).
If we see a signing bonus of $167,500, that is what they did. A VSB pays a veteran with at least 4 years of service a set base of the league minimum for a veteran with only 2 years of service, and a set bonus of 167,500. In this case. 1,152,500 total. They are one year contracts. If cut, the team is out the 167,500. The rationale for VSB is that it incentivises teams to sign a vet player (probably) heading out of the league to like the CFL or retirement over a rookie or younger but possibly developing player. As an aside, we could also consider offering one to Bahk with whatever NLTBE incentives the team and his agent could mutually come up with. He would be eligible for practically anything. NLTBE is not likely to be earned. e.g- snaps played. It is strictly based on last years performance, so in Bahks case, he could have that incentive with a very low bar for approval by the league as a NLTBE vs. LTBE. NLTBE doesn't count against this year's cap. LTBE does. (Likely to be earned). If we are hit with a 2025 cap hit, it means he played. (Baby! The surgery worked this time!) Food for thought outside bitching about the new guy.
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Rob Demovsky reported:

On the day of the draft, we got some confirmation on that front. ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reported that Dillard did not receive a single dollar of guaranteed money, either in the form of a salary or a signing bonus. Essentially, Dillard must earn every dollar that he’s scheduled to make from his one-year deal. On top of that, if Dillard does make the 53-man roster his salary for this season will be just $1.125 million — the minimum for a veteran with his amount of experience.

Let the record show Zero2Cool was correct
Go Packers!!!!
Mucky Tundra
a month ago

Rob Demovsky reported:
Let the record show Zero2Cool was correct

Originally Posted by: Martha Careful 

Never thought I'd hear that on a day that the Draft was occurring ! 😉
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a month ago
I'm proud of both Gute and Zero. They were both even cheaper than me with my hoped for VSB contract plan. Saved the 167,500 if cut, and a 27,500 net difference if he does make the team.
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2018: Sign Tramon & House - Draft Jaire & Jackson 1st & 2nd round
2019: Sign Smith Bros, Amos, Turner - Draft Gary, Savage, Jenkins 1st & 2nd rounds.
2020: Sign Wagner - Draft 3 OL (Jordan Love year)

2021 - 2023: Cap hell - free agency wasn't a thing, still:

2021: Sign King, Sullivan, Douglas - Draft Stokes 1st round
2022: Sign Campbell & Reed - Draft Walker & Wyatt 1st round
2023: Largest FA contract was a long snapper who didn't make the initial 53 - Drafted 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 DL, 2 DB as their biggest needs.

2024: Biggest FA additions are McKinney (S), Jacobs (RB), and Dillard (OT). If we follow the patterns here I suspect Brian Gutekunst is looking to invest his 1st round pick at Safety or Offensive Line.
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Martha Careful (10-May) : 1. this is true of all our linemen. 2. His run block is fine. 3. If all OL played like he has, we would win SB.
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Zero2Cool (9-May) : -3 buwahhhahaaha
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Zero2Cool (9-May) : because he's 1st
Mucky Tundra (9-May) : Myers isn't even the 3rd best C on the roster atm
Martha Careful (9-May) : I am not sure I understand the Myers hate. He was consistently our third best lineman. RG and LT were worse.
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beast (9-May) : Center is usually considered the easiest position physically if you can handle the snap stuff.
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Zero2Cool (3-May) : Jordan Love CAN sign an extension as of today. Might tak weeks/months though
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