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Forcing turnovers was an emphasis for Hafley throughout the interview. He stated, “[Turnover] is the priority: We want to take the ball away,” to McCarren. He also said they stress turnovers by prioritizing them. “It’s not just talk.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur has mentioned several times that the Packers will be moving away from Barry’s match-based defense for a more “vision-based” defense in the secondary. The hope is that by playing defenders in looser coverage with eyes on the quarterback, they’ll be able to bait quarterbacks into different routes that defensive backs will be able to break on the ball for.

On top of that, Hafley also mentioned that the new plan for the defensive line is to “get upfield as fast as we can.” Gone are the days when the Packers planned to pack the box with interior linemen. Now, the goal is to create penetration and spill everything to the sideline, if it manages to get there.

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Justis Mosqueda wrote:

Still not enough details for us to say to much, but I'd say the early reports on Hafley scheme are wrong (or he's lying to us before the draft here).

Sounds like they're talking about running a non-press zone coverage scheme.

And either no two-gap run clogging, or just the NT role as a run clogger. They got the one gap guys for pass rushing, but the issue has been stopping the run with those one gappers and this doesn't address that.

I was sort of fearful they thought they would be happy with their DL depth, but I'm sure not, I think we need another clear run stuffer.
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in addition to Beast's points, my biggest take away from the interview was moving the line of scrimmage back and penetration/disruption, versus control and contain.

There will probably be an increased element of stunts and slants in order to achieve backfield disruption.

The style of defense is much more fun to play as the line gets to be more aggressive… and four of them being more aggressive versus three.

I think in the defensive backfield you were likely to see more combos, switch offs and looks which try to fool the quarterback into thinking he's got a free easy throw when he doesn't. Sometimes you can trick yourself.

The disadvantage of this defensive approach is you give up more big plays. It is a higher risk higher reward, versus the slow death of the long drive and hoping they make a mistake.

I am looking forward to the more aggressive approach... I am really looking forward to not giving 8 yard cushions on 3rd and 3.
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All I know is that our defensive backfield looked like a bunch of keystone cops far more often than not
I grew so weary of the commentators telling us all about how much first round talent we had on our defense. Oh, and we couldn't stop the run, either.
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a month ago
Yeah all this sounds nice, but I feel like we've heard it before. We need to start seeing different results before I'll start believing there is real change as off man zone coverage and one gap DL is what Barry came in with to start with as well.
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a month ago
Whatever scheme we run or how we defend won't matter a lick if we don't tackle at all. Outside of the two Super Bowl I've seen in my life it feels like every year we suck at tackling. I know I'm exaggerating because there have been seasons where they've been half decent but it always feels fleeting.
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Whatever scheme we run or how we defend won't matter a lick if we don't tackle at all. Outside of the two Super Bowl I've seen in my life it feels like every year we suck at tackling. I know I'm exaggerating because there have been seasons where they've been half decent but it always feels fleeting.

Originally Posted by: Mucky Tundra 

theres some teams that always have a knack for defense (Ravens, Niners, Steelers, Bills, Jets,ect.) and there other teams that always seem to have a great offense (Packers, Cowboys, Eagles, Chiefs, ect.)

Its hard to have both and when we do, we win championships. Football gods had made it clear, we cant always have it both ways.
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