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Bill Huber wrote:

Packers’ Win Total Predicted to Tumble 
Bill Huber

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Green Bay Packers had a huge bounce-back season after a pair of down years, with first-year coach Matt LaFleur guiding the team to a 13-3 record.

Could the Packers tumble back to earth? Yes, at least according to BetOnline.ag, which put the over/under on 9.5 wins for the 2020 season.

On one hand, a reversal of fortunes seems quite possible. After all, the Packers enjoyed unusually good health and faced a scheduled that turned out to be weaker than expected. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting any younger or less expensive. The Packers were outgained on the season. Yardage might not mean much on a game-to-game basis but it can show the overall strength or weakness of a team over the duration of the season.

On the other hand, this will be Rodgers’ second year running LaFleur’s scheme, which should help the offense hit the ground running. After an offseason focused on fixing the defense, general manager Brian Gutekunst can turn his attention to fixing the offense. A superb group of receivers will be available in the draft to give the offense a much-needed infusion of talent. In the first three rounds of the last five drafts, the Packers have taken only one skill-position on offense: tight end Jace Sternberger in the third round last year.

These algorithms are inherently conservative, of course, since they're intended to induce a 50/50 split in the betting:
Bill Huber wrote:

In the NFC North, Minnesota’s over/under is 9.5 wins, followed by Chicago (8) and Detroit (6.5). San Francisco (10.5) leads the NFC and is followed by Philadelphia (10) and New Orleans (10). Kansas City, which beat San Francisco in last week’s Super Bowl, has a league-best over/under of 11.5 wins.

I think the Packers benefited from playing some powerful opponents when they were hampered by injury, and they fell flat on their face against teams like the Chargers. Ten wins strikes me as an entirely reasonable expectation for next year, depending on what kind of infusion of talent they find in the draft.
I bet the prediction last year for 2019 wasn't accurate.
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Zero2Cool (5m) : I like how he knew the weather, but then is like cold don't mean shit homie. Wait, if weather don't matter, why look? lol
Zero2Cool (6m) : AJ Dillon (quad) was back on the practice field. All the regular offensive players participated.
Mucky Tundra (42m) : Yeah, no big deal he says lol
Zero2Cool (1h) : Bruce Arians knew the high for Sunday, but says weather won't be affecting the game. Hmm
Zero2Cool (1h) : He says his players won't have any trouble adjusting to temperatures up here, compared to sunny Florida: "The weather won't affect the game at all."
Zero2Cool (1h) : @ByRyanWood Asked Bruce Arians about the cold awaiting Bucs up in Green Bay this week: "I don't consider 28 degrees cold." He says his players won't have any trouble adjusting to temperatures up here,
Zero2Cool (3h) : BREAKING: Detroit Lions hire New Orleans Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell as head coach.
packerfanoutwest (4h) : Rivers is also starting up a dart league, He's got the perfect form for it
Zero2Cool (5h) : Rivers will be HC at St. Michael in Fairhope, Ala.
Zero2Cool (6h) : Philip Rivers is retiring from the NFL
Cheesey (16h) : Well, supposedly it’s not up to Mahommes. It’s independent doctors.
packerfanoutwest (20h) : Chiefs say mahommes is optimistic to play,yeah right
Cheesey (20h) : Who got suspended???
Zero2Cool (22h) : Buccaneers place Jack Cichy on IR, sign Deone Bucannon to active roster
Zero2Cool (22h) : I was hoping the Packers were going to be underdogs. I was prepared to do my first gambling bet!
Zero2Cool (22h) : As long as you can do it respectfully, you won't get suspended like what's been done once today already.
wpr (22h) : HEY!!! I'm going to go pout now. Sniff.
Zero2Cool (23h) : Someone likes the dark theme?? That's a first, and thank you!
Pack93z (23h) : Site looks awesome!
Pack93z (23h) : Bravo sir... Brav Fucking O
Pack93z (23h) : Going to try this shout thing.... heard it was fixed. :)
Zero2Cool (19-Jan) : Jaire Alexander: the only CB since 2006 to allow NEGATIVE yards in a playoff game - 3 yards allowed vs. Rams
buckeyepackfan (18-Jan) : Here!
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : Coach Matt LaFleur said he is still waiting to see whether RB AJ Dillon (thigh) will be ready for practice Wednesday. He said he's hopeful he'll be able to go this week but he will be careful with him
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : That is bad.
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : @NFLSTROUD · #Bucs are designating DT Vita Vea for return from injured reserve. He will begin practicing Wednesday and could be activated for Sunday's NFC title game. Vea fractured his ankle against t
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : @Rotoworld_FB Antonio Brown undergoing MRI on injured knee
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : Conference Championship weekend is basically Week 6 Revenge.
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : Cheesey, you're slurping that green kool aid down! you can't see the faults in this team like i can!
Cheesey (18-Jan) : Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Jui......🤪
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : shhh you'll summon a Balrog if you keep saying his name
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : I remember waaaaaaaaay back when the Chargers drafted him and LT. Thought they were going to take that team to a super bowl or two
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : I think it's Taysom Hill's team, not Wintson's.
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : just saw the clip of Brees+Winston on the sideline: "It's your team"
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : @LarryHolder Drew Brees and his family have been on the field for quite some time now. The kids are playing like kids would. Brees is standing on the sideline taking it all in.
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : hey look Zero, I'm giving credit to another teams D+coach :)
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : looks like it. according to PFF, he played that game and his next game was at home vs Jax
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : *real good Ds
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : That was the game David B got injured, right?
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : Like I said, Bowles is a good DC. Had some real Ds out in Arizona when he was the DC there
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : it'll be a good matchup.
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : yeah but that was sorta late in the game wasn't it? I think both teams were just running out the clock at that point
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : AJ Dillon had a 20 yard run vs Bucs
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : i got a feeling that'll get put to the test this sunday
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : Packers were up 10-0 in first quarter. Then it unraveled. WTF.
Zero2Cool (18-Jan) : Buccaneers don't allow running though.
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : Looking at the remaining teams in the playoffs, i think its safe to say we have the best run game
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : i also think Lazard was out and MVS was in the middle of a cold streak; now lazard is getting back to where he was pre injury and MVS has been more consistent on short and intermediate stuff
Cheesey (18-Jan) : Zero, you won’t find it.....Bob Hope died YEARS ago!🤪
Mucky Tundra (18-Jan) : well for starters i think our run game is a better spot now than it was
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