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Aaron Rodgers’ top pass-catcher is no longer talking to the Packers about a contract extension just days before the team’s veterans report for training camp. On the same day that rookies reported for training camp and the Green Bay Packers  finally signed rookie third-round wide receiver Amari Rodgers to a contract , NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport broke the news that four-time Pro Bowl  receiver Davante Adams and the team are no longer having contract talks. According to Rapoport, a key issue is that Green Bay is not willing to make Adams the highest-paid pass-catcher in the sport.

The #Packers  and Davante Adams’ reps worked behind the scenes to get a deal done. The proposals have not acknowledged Adams as the highest paid WR, sources say. Green Bay’s classic structure has led to limited options. Now, talks are off with just a few days to go before camp. https://t.co/8m0WM7TTBX — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) July 23, 2021 

On one hand, Adams is clearly the top receiver on the roster and his leaving would give legitimate credence to the people who believe the Packers haven’t done enough to add receiver talent to the roster. On the other hand, Adams will be a 29-year-old after this season, meaning this next contract should be paying for the tail end (and decline) of his prime. Spotrac estimates  Adams would command $25 million on the open market.

In the next two years, the Green Bay Packers could offer extensions to the likes of wide receiver Marques Valdes-Scantling, tight end Robert Tonyan, do-everything offensive lineman Elgton Jenkins, pass-rusher Za’Darius Smith, cornerback Jaire Alexander, safety Adrian Amos and safety Darnell Savage, all while having to navigate around Aaron Rodgers’ future with the team. The question now becomes “Is the best way for Green Bay to build their team actually to take the gamble that Adams isn’t going to decline in play in his early thirties and pay him like he’s the top pass-catcher in the sport?” That’s up for debate.
Earlier this offseason, Adams spoke to Fox News  and told the world that Rodgers’ situation with the team would “play into” an extension. When asked about his negotiations with the Packers, Adams noted, “there’s been talks, just really just talks, but we haven’t really done anything or talked about anything that’s worth mentioning.” This was after Adams claimed he would not hold out  due to the league’s new fine system under the 2020 collective bargaining agreement, a statement he made at minicamp.

If Adams does leave Green Bay, Las Vegas, where his former college quarterback Derek Carr is the starter, would likely be the favorite to land the receiver. This offseason, the Carr family simply could not stop talking about Adams, with Derek even claiming an Adams free agency would come with a “full-court press ” to pursue him to be a Raider.

If the Packers were the ones to pull the plug on the Adams extension talks, it would not be a surprise. Be it Micah Hyde or Casey Hayward , Green Bay’s former players who did not take the team’s offseason offer before they became free agents have learned a hard truth about the franchise: Once the Packers realize they cannot win the bidding war for a player, they pull out of contract conversations and often refuse to make an offer in free agency, as it only serves to drive up the bids of a player they have already labeled as too expensive to re-sign.

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Try not to freak out. This is very common this time of year. When the off-season is over (e.g. Training Camp) starts a lot of players want their focus on football, not contract. This isn't the time to freak out yet, regardless of what folks are trying to spin.
Also the WR market was shockingly risen this offseason, when most other positions stayed fairly flat with the NFL tightening their cap.

I believe the Patriots, Seahawks and Giants all made some shocking WR signings. Patriots were probably the most shocking, giving some WRs that were generally considered backups, starting WR money. Giants seems almost like a desperation move to improve their passing game before the GM loses his job, because he's on the hot seat.

What does this have to do with Adams? Well the market was a lot higher than expected, so his agents probably wanted a lot more than expected.
Wants "best WR in the league" money.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

Wants "best WR in the league" money.

I don't know what he wants this time but last time it's thought he surprisingly clearly left some money on the table, meaning he probably could have gotten more if he tried to.

But yeah he probably wants at least minimum top 5 WR money,

#2--#5 are in a range of 22 million per year and 19.25 million per year. But DeAndre Hopkins got a ridiculous 27.25 million per year deal. Adams probably wants to be in that ball park, so above $22 million per year.

Damn Texans again with their stupid trades upset the market... which happened at LT with Bak too.

This isn't a surprise. Why? Because it's what I've said right off the jump.

Davante Adams today : "Right now it's just about playing the game."

Also -- I don't think we'll have Adams in 2022.

Davante Adams isn’t holding back. Asked if he would re-sign at a discount if Rodgers is back in 2022. 👇👇

“No. That’s not going to happen."

“What other profession do you take less than what you have earned?”

“I’ve earned the right to be paid the highest in the league."
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One of the podcasters made an interesting comment about the DeAndre Hopkins signed. Granted it has an AAV of $27.25 million. But he is on a team with a QB that is still in his rookie contract.
The next 4 WR are Julio Jones $22 mil Ryan is 14.5% of the total cap.
Keenan Allen $20 + Herbert is on his rookie deal. 3.2%
Amari Cooper $20 Dak is 10.6%
Michael Thomas $19 + Hill and Winston are a combined 5.3%
OBJ $18 Mayfield is on his rookie deal @ 5%
Aaron is a massive 20%. There simply isn't much room right now.
"Well, they might kill you, but they won’t eat you." Uncle Teddy
Originally Posted by: wpr 

One of the podcasters made an interesting comment about the DeAndre Hopkins signed. Granted it has an AAV of $27.25 million. But he is on a team with a QB that is still in his rookie contract.
The next 4 WR are Julio Jones $22 mil Ryan is 14.5% of the total cap.
Keenan Allen $20 + Herbert is on his rookie deal. 3.2%
Amari Cooper $20 Dak is 10.6%
Michael Thomas $19 + Hill and Winston are a combined 5.3%
OBJ $18 Mayfield is on his rookie deal @ 5%
Aaron is a massive 20%. There simply isn't much room right now.

Yep. I read someone saying that it can't be said the Packers don't invest well in their players while they have paid their LT top money, QB top money, DT Kenny Clark top money, RB Aaron Jones, etc ...

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I get that he wants to get paid. But how much money is enough? That goes for EVERY player. And as far as what has been earned, he has already been paid for what he earned.
There’s no guarantee that he will be as great as he has been, or injury could take him out. Which he still would get paid.
I remember Robin Yount of the Brewers taking a lot less money then he could have got on the open market to stay with the team. He felt he owed it to the team that gave him his shot at the big time.
Too bad there aren’t more professionals like him.
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