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Offline longtimefan  
#21 Posted : Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:21:17 PM(UTC)
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" said: Go to Quoted Post

There was no good reason whyTed Thompsoncould not have welcomed BF back except that he wanted to remove the GB Packers from being Favre's Packer so that they could become TT's Packers. EGO. That is it.


If it was EGO driven lot of the guys left over from Sherman would have been gone by now..

There is something else there that the public doesn't know..

Hate to say this but I think you are WAY off base here and you have no real proof other then mass hysteria thinking it was ego
Offline tromadz  
#22 Posted : Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:33:25 PM(UTC)
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Is this kid serious?
Offline Rios39  
#23 Posted : Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:37:28 PM(UTC)
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" said: Go to Quoted Post
Question: If someone mentions BF in a post, are we allowed to respond to it here, or do we somehow have to take it to the BF forum where it won't be read?

Maybe there should be a rule that no one can ever mention BF ever again regarding anything, unless it is the BF area.

(This is really my last post regarding BF in this area)

Just want to clarify because I doubt that it will be read in the other area, and I want to understand the rules.

Ok seriously&lt; I don't think anything you say can be taken seriously. Hopefully you are just trying to troll the board (which is against the rules obviously) and get a rise out of everyone. Otherwise... well lets just leave it at that lol
Offline warhawk  
#24 Posted : Thursday, September 11, 2008 5:16:41 PM(UTC)
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The thread was brought in to recognize the job Mike McCarthy has done and not so much about Ted Thompson and what he did or failed to do with Favre.

However, since we are on the subject, here you go.

I though how Mike McCarthy handled Brett Favre was very McCarthy-like.

HE was the last guy in the Packer organization to really deal with the whole Favre issue and he wanted to know ONE THING.

"Are you ready and able to let all that clutter go and come in here and play football?" He didn't want to talk to Brett about his hurt feelings or why he was mad at Ted or anything else for that matter. Had Mike McCarthy not INSISTED on Brett Favre convincing him 100% that he would let the past go Favre would still be here.

But Mike McCarthy is a FOOTBALL COACH. He doesn't give a rats ass how many TD's Brett Favre threw last year or in his career. Your either all in or your out and Mike McCarthy has never looked back on it either. I doubt he ever will.

Mike McCarthy stacks success'. After game one he's got one to build from.

and that's all he's after this week. I like that.
Offline zombieslayer  
#25 Posted : Thursday, September 11, 2008 5:52:33 PM(UTC)
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Could we go back to discussing Mike McCarthy and recognizing the contributions he's done to the Green Bay Packers?
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Zero2Cool (17h) : Crosby is fine now. Full Participant in practice Thursday
Porforis (18h) : What I'm more worried about at this point is WR injuries and Crosby being sick. Who'd be the backup if Crosby can't go?
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