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8 years ago

It's called knowing the body of work of the poster. You actually take the time to read the novels written by Uffda, Barfarn, or Wade? You have that kind of time on your hands?

Every once in a while, I'll humor myself and read one of Wade's novels and if dissatisfied, I let him have it. Otherwise, that's skimming material.

Originally Posted by: DakotaT 

I am literally crushed muh man, Dakota goes with TLDR to my posts. I kept this one short for you, homie.
Ted Thompson sits on his hands per former GM: "because they’ve had 25 fricking years of great quarterbacks. Of course it works. Try it without a special quarterback."

8 years ago

I am literally crushed muh man, Dakota goes with TLDR to my posts. I kept this one short for you, homie.

Originally Posted by: uffda udfa 

I don't need to read the same explanation 10 times. I get it the first time around. You'll have to excuse my friends, they're a little slow.
8 years ago

It's called knowing the body of work of the poster. You actually take the time to read the novels written by Uffda, Barfarn, or Wade? You have that kind of time on your hands?

Every once in a while, I'll humor myself and read one of Wade's novels and if dissatisfied, I let him have it. Otherwise, that's skimming material.

Originally Posted by: DakotaT 

I love it when Barfarn gives a good solid analysis, even if it goes long. That shit's packed full of information.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
8 years ago
At the end of the day this is a great place to come and be with Packer fans. There is no place I would rather be on game-day (except Lambeau). Is it perfect? No and that is why it is real. It will never be perfect because we all bring our own baggage to the table with us. Mine is writing proper English and adding "u" where they are suppose to go, and not going ape-shit when I see defence or Offense like the site's spell-check. Sometimes people cross the line, but I hope as a true family we try and keep peace rather than cast people away. I enjoy learning from other people and I learn more about the game and my team every time I come to visit. I don't think we need more rules, just an understanding that we treat others with respect even if we disagree with them. I recognize some really good fans walked away from this site. That sucks. Whether it was in the football page or the Babble section I am not clear of the reason. Personally I never understood walking away, but to each their own. I wish they would come back and just talk football and ignore the people that pissed them off. Different opinions add value to the site and we all learn from looking at thing differently. Just because somebody pisses you off doesn't mean they are not adding value to your life.

edit: Hahaha this site actually auto-corrects offence.

edit2: not sure how it got spelled correctly the second time and not the first.
8 years ago
That's true, Kantilla. Sometimes things people say here actually makes me change my mind. Other times, it makes me more sure that what I thought was correct.
Either way, it gives you the opportunity to question your self and make you actually THINK!
uffda udfa
8 years ago
As a guy who feels like an outsider, I can tell you one of the worst things about any forum is the cliques that are well formed turning off any and all new posters. This is one of the reasons 68md likes the word "troll". That word protects the clique from the opinions of outsiders and creates a herd mentality and feeding frenzy against the new unwanted visitor. Now, this only applies to new members who have a dissenting point of view. If the new poster is perfectly in line, and often they become that way because they lurk for awhile to see what is acceptable and what isn't. What you get left with is a forum like 68md's...it's a cult of sameness. I was there and unwelcome because I had 180 views from their clique membership. Of course, I just had to be a troll because I didn't like Davante Adams, wasn't high on TT, etc. and they didn't want to hear it. I was a troll and beat a dead horse but had I said positive things about Davante, TT, etc...there would've been no dead horse beat. That only comes up when the opinion is unpopular. When something unpopular is posted ONCE is enough for the clique board who doesn't appreciate such expressions. Any further expression of your "negative" opinion is beating a dead horse. I have seen this ridiculousness played out on any fan board everywhere I've ever been.

People should always feel free to express themselves on a forum, but, alas, this is "someone's" forum that they built and that real person behind it has leanings and ideas that sometimes make it hard for a new person to feel welcome. I've always hated that about ANY type of forum. This one does the best job of allowing free expression but it goes through periods where the rank and file are reporting posts like crazy and then the site creator feels compelled to act because his long and trusted clique of members isn't liking what is being posted to them. That clique only wants those who are like minded and ultimately the person who brings a different perspective is banished and the board celebrates as if it's rid itself of some evil when the real evil is the idea that everyone should see things the same. Makes for a really, really, really bad and uninteresting board. A feel good buddy club...like sitting at Cheers talking to Woody or Sam. There's only so many barstools to go around and there ain't one reserved for a dissenter.

Honestly, that is why I think there should be a subforum for members who aren't the typical fan type. To me, it just makes good sense. It isn't saying one group is better than another rather it's acknowledging the truth that doesn't want to be acknowledged...that there is a strong bent for ONE type of fan and opinion here. That's great. It's not great when that is kept in the shadows and there's all this pretense that we're all the same ...we're all just fans nobody better than another. Absolutely. Nobody is better...BUT...there are groups who are DIFFERENT and those different type posters aren't truly welcome. Never have been, never will be...they are tolerated and never accepted until some moment where the tolerance wears thin and they are banished. This really needs to be acknowledged and admitted...that, in fact, this board does desire one type of opinion and that is of the Packers flattering variety. Now, Kevin I don't direct that at you, perse, but your membership overwhelmingly desires that and it puts you in a tough spot. I get it but let's be honest about what is wanted here. Guys like me gone.

If there was a forum for guys like Dakota and myself that is the only place I would post. I wouldn't even bother the Buckeyes of the world that swoon with every single thing this org does and praise it and spin it positively.

Kevin...heck, shoot me a PM. Let me know how much it would cost me to have you host a site for me. A place like Michael Rodney's PackersNotes would be good for me. I can just write pieces on my site and can leave commentary open below. That way, I'm and hopefully others like me are off your board where nobody really wants me/them anyway and the issue of harmony and feeling like a family comes back.
Ted Thompson sits on his hands per former GM: "because they’ve had 25 fricking years of great quarterbacks. Of course it works. Try it without a special quarterback."

8 years ago
I've already told you you can do that here. No charge.

As I've said several times. Your takes are good, even if I disagree with them.

8 years ago
I will take 2 rolls of Quarters and one each of Dimes, Nickels and Pennies.
The world needs ditch diggers too Danny!!!
8 years ago
This is something that EVERYONE needs to work on, and I hope people take it to heart.

We all love the Packers. Like any other issue in the universe though, when you get a large group of people together, there's going to be a wide range of personalities, opinions, and as a result, issues. Everyone needs to do their part to make this COMMUNITY work.

This doesn't mean changing your opinion to match more popular ones
This doesn't mean saying only, or even primarily positive things about individual players, coaches, management, etc
This doesn't mean not confronting people in a constructive manner when you think they are incorrect and you are correct.

This DOES mean making a sincere attempt to take a step back and look at how you dish out criticism of members of the team/management, posters and their opinions. Debate is great, this website would be boring and largely pointless if we all agreed on everything and everyone got along great. But in order to have CONSTRUCTIVE debate, people need to be constructive when debating and arguing.

Keep personal attacks in any form out of things. Keep debate about the issues. If a particular poster annoys you to the point that he or she is impacting your ability to enjoy the site, and you're not able to ignore them, block them so you don't need to see their posts. You are not doing anybody any favors by fighting poor behavior with more poor behavior. You're not being adult-like, mature, clever, or noble by whining about individual posters in a public space. If they're breaking rules, report them. If they're just being dicks, ignore them. If you can't ignore them, block them.

Try to keep in mind that every poster on this website strongly believes that their opinion is correct. Just as you should be able to express your disagreement with other people's opinions, you should be able to acknowledge to yourself that your opinion may not be gospel. Keep an open mind, and give people the benefit of the doubt.

In my opinion, there's no ideal way to moderate a website. No matter what you do, people will have conflicts, people will get frustrated and leave. Mankind has been struggling with keeping peace in communities since the beginning, and it will be a struggle until the end of time. But we can all do our part to make this community work by trying to be more civil, EVEN IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE NOT.
8 years ago
Kevin is there a way to see your very first post on here? I am curious to see what mine was lol. Probably something like Ted Thompson sucks and so does Mike McCarthy and why the hell aren't we drafting a wr.

Nevermind this only goes back to 2010 and imagine that Imy first comment was on nonstops boobs thread lol
Just Imagine this for the next 6-9 years. What a ride it will be 🙂 (PS, Zero should charge for this)
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