a year ago
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Green Bay Packers ( 4 - 6 )
  • Total Yards Offense = 13th
  • Passing Yards Offense = 16th
  • Rushing Yards Offense = 12th

  • Total Yards Defense = 9th
  • Passing Yards Defense = 3rd
  • Rushing Yards Defense = 26th

  • Points For = 18.5 (25th)
  • Points Against = 21.6 (16th)

Tennessee Titans ( 6 - 3 )
  • Total Yards Offense = 32nd
  • Passing Yards Offense = 31st
  • Rushing Yards Offense = 9th

  • Total Yards Defense = 23rd
  • Passing Yards Defense = 31st
  • Rushing Yards Defense = 2nd

  • Points For = 18.4 (26th)
  • Points Against = 18.7 (8th)

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    a year ago
    Bettors got this one Packers -3 and over/under at 41.5, so they got this one Packers 21, Titans 17

    Packers are 3 - 2 in their last home games vs Titans. The last encounter was the AJ Dillon break out game. Packers 40, Titans 14. That game was snowy and I think the snow got in Titans head.

    Packers 34
    Titans 17

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    a year ago
    Well, last Sundays game gives me hope about this game.
    I see where the Titans are great against the run, bad against the pass.
    But they haven't had to face Aaron Jones yet! So I'm going with a positive outlook.
    Packers 27
    Titans 20
    a year ago
    This could be the fastest game in NFL history.
    Both teams are going to want to run the ball.
    Packers -3 over/under 41.5
    Sammy Watkins and Allan Lazard have huge games as Aaron will take some shots.

    Jones and Dillon combine for 175± yds.
    Defense hold Henry to less than 125yds.

    Take the Packers, give the points, take the over!!

    Packers 31
    Titans    17

    BOOK IT!!
    I was addicted to The Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around!
    a year ago
    Need 5 more wins to have a chance at the playoffs. 6 if we want to control our destiny. 
    “Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
    a year ago
    Here are the 40 times for the Titans cornerbacks:
    • Kristian Fulton 4.46
    • Roger McCreary 4.50
    • Elijah Molden 4.51
    • Terrance Mitchell 4.63

    Christian Watson 4.36
    a year ago
    Well on a positive note, Watson had 2 TD’s. Not much else positive to take away except I think Nixon is a good returner. 
    a year ago
    Just absolutely embarrassing. 

    -Matt has no balls. His "Jimmy the paperboy" persona will keep costing us games, until he decides to do more than draw up plays and actually start coaching, instead of being everyone's buddy.

    -33 is a warrior. Glad he's not hurt too bad.

    -Remember, this team would be 6-4 if we took the FG instead of going for it all the time and failing. 

    -Wasting all those timeouts as quickly as possible. 

    -This team is LESS than the sum of its parts.

    -Refs continue to rob us. GB usually gets more than our fair share of calls, but definitely not this season.Titan scoring a TD doesn't have to possess the ball all the way though to complete the catch, but Allen Lazard does on the sideline. 

    -This team always has to let itself get behind the 8-ball. 

    -Sweet pick by Rasul. Is he teaching Rudy Ford how to study film? 

    -Nixon looks good on returns. Not to jinx him of course.

    -3 and 1. Why do we have to go deep? Can we just get the first down. 

    -We need 5 wins out of the remaining 6 to even have a chance for the playoffs. All 6 if we want to control our destiny. 

    -Still not convinced Aaron's not doing this on purpose because he's a bitter psycho. 

    -Nice to see Watson continue to produce. 

    -We got the Eagles next, who are no longer undefeated, then 5 teams that in a normal year would seem much easier to beat. 
    “Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
    Fan Shout
    buckeyepackfan (6h) : Lions extend Penei Soul 4yrs - 112mil
    buckeyepackfan (6h) : Lions extend St. Brown 4 years 120mil and
    Mucky Tundra (7h) : Now look, trading up to 13 to take a TE might not seem like a good idea later but it will be later!
    dfosterf (9h) : (Your trade up mock post)
    dfosterf (10h) : Mucky- The only thing fun to watch would be me flipping the f out if Gute goes up to 13 and grabs Brock Bowers, lol
    beast (13h) : DT Byron Murphy II, Texas... whom some believe is the next Aaron Donald (or the closest thing to Donald)
    Zero2Cool (14h) : What? And who?
    Mucky Tundra (19h) : *sad Mucky noises*
    Mucky Tundra (19h) : @JoeJHoyt Murphy said he’s been told he won’t slide past pick No. 16.
    wpr (23-Apr) : Just about time to watch Sonny Weaver stick it to the seahags. I never get tired of it.
    Martha Careful (23-Apr) : *game plan
    Martha Careful (23-Apr) : IMHO, not even close. He is not a guy you game play around.
    Mucky Tundra (23-Apr) : is Aiyuk worth a 1st rounder?
    Zero2Cool (23-Apr) : 49ers are seeking a 1st round pick in exchange for WR Brandon Aiyuk
    Mucky Tundra (22-Apr) : Based on Gutes comments, now I don't feel as silly having 13 picks in my mock the other day
    Zero2Cool (22-Apr) : Zach Wilson to Broncos.
    Zero2Cool (22-Apr) : Gutekunst says he'd love to have 13 or 14 picks. He's trading back huh lol
    beast (22-Apr) : Someday we'll have a draft betting scandal
    beast (21-Apr) : Sometimes looking extremely amazing, sometimes looking extremely lost
    beast (21-Apr) : I haven't looked into the QBs, but some have suggested Maye has some of the most extremely inconsistent tape they've seen
    beast (21-Apr) : Well it also sounds like Patriots are listening to trade offers, not that seriously considering any, but listening means they aren't locked
    Zero2Cool (21-Apr) : Maye needs to be AFC
    Mucky Tundra (21-Apr) : Not liking the idea of the Vikings getting Maye
    Zero2Cool (21-Apr) : Vikings HC joked that he may or may not have sent flowers to Bob Kraft. That's where rumor came from.
    beast (21-Apr) : Can't tell if this is real or BS, but some rumors about a possible Patriots/Vikings trade for #3 overall
    dfosterf (21-Apr) : One playbook to my knowledge. I was shooting for facetious.
    beast (20-Apr) : I'm not sure they have different playbooks for different OL positions, and Dillard run blocking is supposedly worse than his pass blocking..
    dfosterf (19-Apr) : The only problem with that is he isn't a guard either.
    dfosterf (19-Apr) : Put him at right guard. That is where he will be coached. That is where he will compete. He is not even allowed to look at the LT playbook.
    dfosterf (18-Apr) : Kidding aside, I hope the best for him.
    dfosterf (18-Apr) : Went to a Titans board. One comment there. Not very long. I quote: "LOL" They don't sound overly upset about our aquisition.
    beast (18-Apr) : OT Dillard has been absolutely horrible... like OG Newman levels
    dfosterf (18-Apr) : Suit him up and have him stand in front of the big board as a draft day cautionary tale.
    Zero2Cool (18-Apr) : Packers sign T Andre Dillard.
    Mucky Tundra (18-Apr) : Adds most of the information this time of year comes from agents.
    Mucky Tundra (18-Apr) : @RealAlexBarth Bill Belichick says accurate draft information doesn't leak from teams until about 12 hours before the draft. Adds most of th
    Mucky Tundra (18-Apr) : I am very happy that for moment, Jordan Love seems like a normal human being
    Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : Belichick * whatever
    Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : "There's a lot of depth at Offensive Tackle and Wide Receiver." Bill Bellichick
    Zero2Cool (17-Apr) : Thanks! I can't believe it's over haha
    Martha Careful (16-Apr) : Congratulations
    Zero2Cool (16-Apr) : Boom. Student Loan. $0.00. Only took about 20 years.
    Zero2Cool (14-Apr) : Packers DT Kenny Clark: New defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley will 'allow us to be way more disruptive'
    Zero2Cool (12-Apr) : Saints have agreed to terms on a contract with former Packers wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown.
    beast (12-Apr) : No, but of it's for legislation, then half of the country will find it evil, not good, whatever it says....
    Mucky Tundra (12-Apr) : Draft is still 2 weeks away. UGH
    dhazer (11-Apr) : Does anyone know of a good AI generator to create letters of Support for legislation?
    Zero2Cool (11-Apr) : Gordon "Red" Batty retires as equipment manager
    Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Sounds like that's pretty certain now.
    Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Packers "at" Eagles in Brazil. Week One
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