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Kevin wrote:

Programming is like sex because one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.

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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. ~ Plato
"The oranges are dry; the apples are mealy; and the papayas... I don't know what's going on with the papayas!"
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9 years ago

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9 years ago

I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.

Woodrow Wilson

damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .000018 % of the Packers

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9 years ago

You don't have to live like a refugee.

Tom Petty
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9 years ago
No is the saddest experience you'll ever know.
Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know.

Harry Nilsson

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9 years ago
I don't know if I can improve upon that, but I'll give it a whirl for anyone smokin' pot or somethin', lol

You cannot step into the same river twice.

- Heraclites

damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .000018 % of the Packers

9 years ago
"I am reminded of the man who did not speak to his wife for 15 years. 'How could you not speak to your wife for 15 years?' I asked. He said 'because I did not want to interrupt.'"

--Abraham Lincoln
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits" --Albert Einstein
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9 years ago
a new contributor is heard from and one who quote Mr Lincoln! Way to go Hoss.
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9 years ago
Bruce Lee wrote:

Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

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9 years ago
From the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum:


“You don’t know what you are talking about, my friend. I am quite willing to answer any gentleman in the crowd who asks an intelligent question.”
Abraham Lincoln 7/10/1858

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9 years ago
John Lennon wrote:

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

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9 years ago
Troy this is one you will enjoy.

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9 years ago 


Time was when his half million drew
The breath of six per cent;
But soon the worm of what-was-not
Fed hard on his content;
And something crumbled in his brain
When his half million went.

Time passed, and filled along with his
The place of many more;
Time came, and hardly one of us
Had credence to restore,
From what appeared one day, the man
Whom we had known before.

The broken voice, the withered neck,
The coat worn out with care,
The cleanliness of indigence,
The brilliance of despair,
The fond imponderable dreams
Of affluence,--all were there.

Poor Finzer, with his dreams and schemes,
Fares hard now in the race,
With heart and eye that have a task
When he looks in the eye
Of one who might so easily
Have been in Finzer's place.

He comes unfailing for the loan
We give and then forget;
He comes, and probably for years
Will he be coming yet,--
Familiar as an old mistake,
And futile as regret.

damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .000018 % of the Packers

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Zero2Cool (3h) : Jerry Jones said Mike McCarthy will call the plays and a version of the offenses he ran in Green Bay will be coming to Dallas.
Zero2Cool (4h) : We agree. 😁
Zero2Cool (4h) : lol me too man, I said it last year as well. YOU SEARCH IT BRUH!!!
dhazer (4h) : But Kevin you search back and you will see I was even saying this last year and most of this year lol
Zero2Cool (6h) : dhazer, thanks for reading my comments, appreciate it. care to repeat anything else I said? MR ECHO!!!!! (only teasing, work is slow, leave me alone)
dhazer (6h) : Well Rodgers wont retire now as Brady just announced his retirement. As i stated Rodgers ego wont allow him to be an opening act at the HOF ceremony
Zero2Cool (6h) : But yes, the location is likely because he has numerous friends in the area for Suspended Sunrise Recordings.
Zero2Cool (6h) : Rodgers does not have a house in/around Nashville. He allegedly bought land.
beast (7h) : Also, Rodgers already has a house around Nashville (I believe for his Music Record Business)
beast (7h) : With AFC Contender will offer the most for Rodgers? Jets is the logical answer, BUT Dolphins seem to be going all in, and Titans have been interested in Rodgers and really.use an upgrade
Zero2Cool (8h) : Tom Brady retires. Rodgers playing in2023. prediction
go.pack.go. (8h) : Well Leonhard was offered the DC job before Barry was hired. So it’s not unrealistic
buckeyepackfan (8h) : Brady officially retires "FOR GOOD"! Aaron will definately play 1 more year. But where?
beast (19h) : He's only coached one place... you usually don't go straight to a coordinator job unless an owner loves you (Jeff Saturday to head coach style)
Mucky Tundra (20h) : Saints get a 2023 1st rounder and a 2024 2nd rounder and give up Payton and a 2024 3rd rounder
Mucky Tundra (20h) : Looks like Sean Payton is going to Denver
Zero2Cool (21h) : You ask me a question and shows you didn't read fully what I said. Not nice!
Martha Careful (22h) : He would be a pro DC candidate
beast (23h) : DC job in college... but probably not in the pros.
go.pack.go. (31-Jan) : Why would Leonhard want to come be a secondary coach when he could probably get a DC job somewhere else?
Zero2Cool (31-Jan) : If Jerry Gray leaves, fill the void with Jim Leonhard. Then if Joe Barry flounders, you got your replacement. Win-Win
Zero2Cool (31-Jan) : Packers’ Elgton Jenkins named to 2023 Pro Bowl in place of Eagles’ Landon Dickerson
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : $17 million OVER the set Salary Cap for 2023. Sweet.
RickLM (30-Jan) : I'll give you the Chiefs and the Bengals, but despite the Niners kicking our ass - we've achieved what they have in the last few years
nerdmann (30-Jan) : With these young receivers, I'm not sure the Packers dropped off, maybe dipped a little until Dec.
nerdmann (30-Jan) : Cap will be $224.8 this year.
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : Did they surpass the Packers, or have the Packers fallen off? It's not like Packers got 13 wins and those teams got 14 a piece.
packerfanwayoutwest (30-Jan) : you forgot the Lions
bboystyle (30-Jan) : Team like the Niners, Chiefs, and now Bengals have surpass the Packers. Its frustratng to see
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : I KEED, I KEED!!! ... or ... am I?
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : Officials just said there will be a do-over, game to be replayed in Atlanta.
packerfanwayoutwest (30-Jan) : Congratulations to the referee crew - the AFC Championship MVP.
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : MVS accepted the highest contract offer, fortunately, it was with a damn good team with a BRILLIANT head coach. I love Andy Reid.
Zero2Cool (30-Jan) : I was pulling for Eagles/Bengals and Bengals winning. I despise the knoblicking Chiefs team
go.pack.go. (30-Jan) : MVS made the right decision to ditch Green Bay
umair_010 (30-Jan) : That game yesterday was clearly rigged by the refs. I had no investment in either team winning.
Martha Careful (30-Jan) : Bengal defense is really strong. Chiefs have run out of ideas and receivers'
buckeyepackfan (30-Jan) : Nobody saw or heard the ref. Stop the play.
buckeyepackfan (30-Jan) : Wow then def hold. Bengals got screwed. Have to see if it hurts
buckeyepackfan (30-Jan) : WTF do over?
nerdmann (30-Jan) : MVS lighting it up tonight.
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : 49ers QB Josh Johnson suffered a concussion
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : Eagles punch it in from the 1 and that should be game
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : Purdy back in the game for the 49ers
TheKanataThrilla (29-Jan) : And you couldn't think things could get worse for the 49ers?
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : Brutal stretch for 49ers: give up a TD inside the 2 minute warning, fumble on the next possession with another Philly TD
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : 49ers down to their 4th string QB Josh Johnson
beast (29-Jan) : I've wonder if something in the background didn't look great or if someone bad mouthed him... otherwise, I don't know why he dropped. Maybe, just maybe they didn't see him as a starter nor ST stud?
beast (29-Jan) : Also, he has played some passing down DT... he's very physical, very long, extremely smart hand usage and great effort... just not the most athletic.
Mucky Tundra (29-Jan) : He also has long arms which teams like on their edge players
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